Gary Hale Bicycles

Human powered vehicle manufacturers since 1977

Now selling Glider recumbents

A revolutionary new recumbent bicycle design made by Gary Hale Bicycles


Custom vehicle building

Let us build your custom design for you. If all you have is a rough idea of what you want we will finish the plans. If you have everything worked out we can build it. Send sketches or drawings to us and we will provide a quote. You may mail, fax or email to the location below. All information is treated as confidential.

Picture gallery

Pictures of regular bicycles, recumbent bicycles, recumbent tricycles, blimps, hand and foot power machines of all kinds...

History of Gary Hale Bicycles

My first unusual bike was built in 1975...

Contact information:

Gary Hale Bicycles
94340 Horton Road
Blachly OR 97412
541-925-4130 Fax and phone